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It's fun work, no strangers standing around (it's only me or the other photographer that occasionally collaborates with me on projects) and most importantly,the payed shoots are a competitive hourly rate!

Some misconceptions about foot modeling:

1) Worried about "getting caught" by someone you know? Well, with 100,000+ sites on the net, chances of this happening are slim to none.Even if you did, it's JUST FEET and you have all your clothes on right? So no worries. We certainly can't guarantee someone won't recognize you, but realize this: we've evaluated thousands of sites and not once have we been able to ID anyone we've known from school, the community, or the workplace.

2) No one gets paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for a couple hours of their time unless you are doing very explicit adult work, which this isn't. It's barefoot gallery modeling and you don't have to do much other than look pretty and show up with clean pretty feet and sign a model release for me, you will even get to keep the photos I will send to you after the shoot!

3) only works in clean, safe environments. If you would like to bring along an escort,boyfriend,friend,whomever..that is ok but please understand they cannot impede the photoshoot by hovering over the photographer or standing anywhere near the line of sight of the camera {unless it's another female with pretty feet who wants to model as well}

4) I am a businessman with a eye for photography and beauty, this is my hobby, not some creep with a camera trying to build his own collection of photos. I expect models to be professional,on-time,and answer their cell phones or return text messages the day of the shoot to confirm. Please respect that, or do not bother applying for the position and wasting my time. There's no big production crew on site {again, it's just me and most shoots are done outdoors in low-traffic, public areas such as a college campus or a local park, and sometimes in a fancy hotel using professional lighting and props depending on what kind of shots we have in mind for the set}.

5) Fun and easygoing attitudes a gangster mentalities or rude people need apply.

6)I now shoot alot in L.A. or Orange County in Southern California as well as northern California too, when you e-mail let me know where you are located and we can figure out the logistics of it.

We are all doing this because it is our passion and we have fun so contact me today!

E-mail me right away with face and basic foot photo in your request to model to:

Be sure to include your age, date of birth, and location in your e-mail!

At the time of the Photoshoot, be prepared to show ID with proof of age and sign a model release form!!

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